1Address.com is a quick, easy and free-forever way for you to:

  • Ensure important mail and other communications always find you,
  • Tell businesses what communication format/channel you prefer
  • Tell businesses whether or not you want to receive unsolicited marketing

All of which adds up to you never being out of touch with the right people, being able to cut out irritating junk mail and sales calls, AND helping to save our planet by telling businesses to stick to email when they send the stuff you do want to receive!

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It's quick and easy

  1. Register and enter your contact details
  2. Load your personal contacts - manually or import directly from apps such as MS Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail etc.
  3. Select businesses from the 1Address.com list, or nominate new businesses
  4. Per business, select your communication preferences and opt in/out of marketing
  5. Click 1 key to update everyone you chose with your latest contact details.
  6. Next time you move house or change other contact details, simply log in, update your info and 1 click updates them all!

So, sign up for to 1Address.com and next time you move and/or change email or phone number or any other detail, get to avoid all the hassle of updating everyone the old style way! And of course, at the same time let the businesses you deal with know how to contact you – AND how you feel about saving the planet!

  • No more going to your old place for months to pick up mail!
  • No more lost important mail from business, colleagues, friends and family
  • No more marketing SMSs, email, mail or calls from companies you don't want to talk to!
  • Lots more good feelings!


1Address.com is committed to helping lower the carbon load on our planet by encouraging a "paper-less" (less paper rather fully paperless, `cos we still like some books and mags and posters and other nice, sustainable paper stuff ) environment and getting business to pay for planting trees. The more people who use 1Address.com, the more paper we save and trees we can plant. Our challenge in our first year from relaunching of the new site is to:

  • Save the equivalent of 20 000 trees through converting snailmail recipeints to email
  • Plant 10 000 trees by making businesses pay for your updates and preferences