• Plug into a cost-effective client data permission process.
  • Know how and where to reach clients always.
  • Save money wasted on wrongly addressed mail.
  • Learn clients' marketing/communication preferences.
  • Convert clients to greener, cost-effective email.
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1Address.com is an innovative, automated business service that allows companies to easily and cost-effectively stay up to date with clients’ current personal details, permissions and preferences.

Very importantly, it also provides instant implementation of the increasingly crucial "Client Data Permission" process through which individuals are electronically polled for permission to retain their data. This is a legal requirement in South Africa (and many other countries around the world) according to the new Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act.

How do we do all this? Simple:

Clients log in and update their own contact details, preferences and permissions to multiple recipients from one convenient, independent and trusted location – all with 1 simple process. In short, 1Address.com makes their lives so much easier, and it’s absolutely free to them, with no strings attached.


How does your company benefit from 1Address.com?

  1. Enable a secure, trustworthy client permission process (as per RSA POPI Act) at a fraction of the cost and effort of creating an in-house platform
  2. Save cash and go green by converting your clients to email
  3. Save cash on post sent to outdated/incorrect addresses
  4. Save cash on the maintenance and cleaning of client addresses/information
  1. Know how to reach your clients whenever you need to
  2. Reduce the business risk related to non-delivery of important information
  3. Ensure invoicing, financial and legal information gets to recipients
  4. Know your clients' preferences and improve marketing opt in/out compliancy


Individuals register with 1Address.com, then load their current contact details and communication preferences onto their 1Address.com profile. They then select registered businesses or nominate new businesses to who they would like to communicate selected details and, with 1 click, generate a notification to all that their current information is available. Any future updates are enacted and communicated in the same way.

Businesses must register with 1Address.com in order to pay for and receive 1Address.com client information updates.

Registered businesses will, on a daily basis, receive an aggregated notification of information updates which they can then download via a secure login and update to their own client database/s. Businesses not yet registered will receive a notification that updates are available - access to these requires will prior registration and payment.

Businesses may also simply and easily request and record client data permission (for POPI compliance) through 1Address.com. Requests can be either generated on demand or automated (POPI requires regular renewal of permissions).Notifications of a client data permission request will be both emailed to users and displayed on the website when they log on. Permission is then provided through a simple, time and date stamped, check box process.

Note: In order to remove potentially false, duplicate or otherwise invalid individual information being communicated to businesses, each individual is subject to multiple identity validation processes, including verification of ID number versus Name.


1Address.com is a fantastic, free, value-adding service to offer to your client base - not only because it is very useful and empowering to them, but because you will be seen as progressive, helpful, tech-savvy and of course, environmentally aware. 1Address.com is a true “value-add” for individuals and because it is independent and provides a wider service, your clients will be easily convinced to subscribe.

To help you offer the 1Address.com service to your client base, you can access our marketing tool kit here. The tool kit contains a number of professionally designed templates which you can brand with your logo and details and use to quickly and easily communicate with your client base.


1Address.com is a paid for business service which offers powerful economies and easily demonstrable ROI. The nominal cost per update generates exceptional returns by significantly reducing:

The cash, effort and time required to build an in-house client data permission process ( as per RSA POPI ACT)

1Address.com incorporates a "turnkey" process that allows companies to request and obtain client permission to retain their data. Building such a platform from scratch will take massive investment, resources and time. 1Address.com provides this same service at minimal cost and with maximised client uptake.

The business risk and opportunity cost of undelivered business information.

Misdirected business communication - such as invoices and legal or financial information – can trigger potentially huge losses and expose businesses to legal action and reputational damage.

Time and staff resource costs associated with maintaining client data.

The importance of maintaining accurate client data is reflected in the time and cash businesses spend thereon. 1Address.com cuts costs substantially by getting clients to maintain their own data.

The cash, time and effort wasted on sending physical mail to incorrect addresses.

The average client list contains 10-20% bad addresses. The ongoing cost of misdirected mail is huge. A 1Address.com update typically costs less than producing and posting one letter.

The opportunity cost of undelivered marketing and sales material.

Up- and cross-selling an existing client is way easier than converting a new client. Wrong client details equate to lost marketing and sales opportunities in this respect.

Good for your customers. Good for CPA and POPI compliance. Great for your business!

The importance of maintaining accurate client data is reflected in the time and cash businesses spend thereon. 1Address.com cuts costs substantially by getting clients to maintain their own data.