How does 1Address.com work?

1Address.com is simple and quick:

  1. Register with 1Address.com for free (for us to verify who you are)
  2. Update your address information
  3. Upload your contacts
  4. Select Companies / Organisations agencies you want to notify of your new address details
  5. 1 Click sends your information to your contacts, and all organizations you have selected.

Who pays for the service?

It is free to update any organisation, friend, family member or colleague. The revenue that we do receive, comes from organisations who pay 1Address.com to receive the updated information, sent to them by you.

What security is in place to prevent unauthorised access to my information?

We use many different types of security measures including SSL encryption, server firewalls and other systems based security solutions.

Who has access to my information?

Only the contacts and company/organization that you choose to be notified the information you have selected for them will receive your updates. We don't share your information with anyone without your request to do so.

Can 1Address.com guarantee that my details will be updated by the businesses that I select or nominate?

1Address.com guarantees that selected and nominated (assuming you enter their correct details) organisations will at least receive a notification that your details have been updated. For security reasons, it is then up to those organisations to access and download your update via a secure log in process – at which point 1Address automatically logs and notifies you that they have been downloaded by that organisation– but it remains up to the organisations themselves to then update your records on their systems.

How can I be sure that I am not mistaken for someone else with the same name?

When you register for 1Address.com, you are asked to supply certain information for verification purposes. 1Address.com then verifies these elements against each other through various service providers. If they match, then we know you are who you say you are – and only then will we allow your details to be updated to businesses and other organisations. This means no one else can incorrectly update your details by mistake.