1Address.com is a web service that allows individuals to automatically update their contact details and business communication preferences to selected friends, family, colleagues, companies and other organisations – all with just 1 click! The 1Address.com service is free to individuals but businesses and other organisations must register and pay to

receive the updates their clients send them. This is a good thing because it means we can survive while providing a very useful free service to the man in the street and a very valuable service to the business world. But, of course we have an ulterior motive which supersedes all this: we want to help save our planet by saving paper and planting trees!

1Address.com for You

1Address.com is a quick and easy way to:

  • Ensure important mail and other communications always find you,
  • Tell businesses what communication format/channel you prefer
  • Tell businesses whether or not you want to receive unsolicited marketing

All of which adds up to you never being out of touch with the right people, being able to cut out irritating junk mail and sales calls, AND helping to save our planet by telling businesses to stick to email when they send the stuff you do want to receive! Read More...

1Address.com for Business

1Address.com is a simple way for businesses and other organisations to stay right up to date on customers’ personal details and communication preferences - as well as remain compliant with any marketing opt in/out requirements or Consumer Protection legislation.

It is a great free, value-adding service to promote into your client base as well, not only because it is a very useful app to them, but also because you will rightly be seen as progressive, helpful, tech-savvy and of course, environmentally aware!

The nominal cost businesses pay per update generates exceptional and demonstrable ROI through:

  • Savings on money and effort typically expended in sending information to the wrong addresses
  • Reducing opportunity cost and business risks associated with not being able to contact clients


1Address.com was founded in 2005 and went live in 2007, before anyone else even started to think about the idea - which is why we managed to get first dibs at the www.1Address.com URL!

Since then we have quietly been doing the standard techie development thing around creating perfection – which brings us to the recent launch of the cool new website and system you are looking at now.

The 1Address.com crew is composed of people like you – cool, clever, concerned and a little bit overworked. But we love the idea of helping you, helping business, helping the planet AND having fun and earning a salary while we do it!


While it is currently properly live in South Africa, the beauty of the internet means 1Address.com can be immediately used in the 193 other countries which we have engineered the interface to allow for (sorry, at this stage, we only offer English but soon...).

Anyone with the requisite skill, experience, intellect and, ideally, huge existing business footprint, who feels they would like to spearhead a 1Address.com territory can contact us – we’re still young and there are quite a few available.


We are committed to saving our 1 and only planetary Address through encouraging a "paper-less" (meaning less paper rather

than fully paperless `cos we still like some books and mags and posters and other nice, sustainable paper stuff ) environment PLUS getting business to pay for planting new trees. The more people who use 1Address.com, the more paper we save and trees we can plant.

Our challenge in the first year after the recent re-launch of the new site is to:

Save the equivalent of 20 000 trees through converting snailmail recipients to email

Plant 10 000 trees by making businesses pay for your updates and preferences


All 1Address.com user details are uploaded via a secure, encrypted channel. Data is stored and protected behind the toughest software and hardware security systems and processes. 1Address.com will never reveal any information to any person or entity which individuals have not specifically nominated. Further, only the data items specified per contact or business will be made accessible to that contact or business. Go to the Privacy Policy.